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It's all about the love... in fast-forward!

I finished Black Trillium by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May, and Andre Norton this morning.

How to explain how this book went for me... Okay, it's like you're eating something, like, I don't know, jelly beans, and you keep popping them in your mouth. Pop pop pop. And you're really not noticing the taste, you're just semi aware that your teeth are crunching on something? Yeah, kinda like that.

I didn't hate the book. But for the most part, I was really uninvolved. That is to say, 80% of the time I didn't care what was happening... and 90% of THAT I couldn't tell you what happened because I went into a 'reading trance' where I didn't recollect what I read five seconds later.

But the parts of the book that DID interest me were done... okay. It wasn't a marvel. It wasn't even really all that good. *Beat* Actually, to the point, I'd say this book was kept on being read by yours truly because I like the idea of the book.

I liked the idea of three princesses going out on their own and kicking some ass. I loved the idea of one of the princesses getting it on with the opposite side prince that wasn't really evil, but was on the wrong side, so oh noes! And I LOVED the idea of one of the princesses having a romantic quandary with a bad guy.

But man, these were just not given the proper attention they deserved. The princesses kicking ass was more of them learning to camp and wield a magical trinket that did all the work for them. And the romances...

Gods, the romances were so undercooked, I think I may have salmonella.

I could've lived with the prince instantly falling in love with the princess for plot. Mainly because that princess wasn't in the same place emotionally and so I thought they'd have time to grow there... but nope, fifteen pages later, she kisses him! Twenty pages later, she's going to marry that guy! Ummm... Huh?

The other romance is actually what I bought the two sequels by Julian May for. May decided to take that more in depth, and since it was my favorite storyline, I couldn't resist possible closure!

Don't fail me, Julian!

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