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Umm... Did you not get the romance novel memo?

I have a lot of pet peeves, but to add to your personal list of knowing, gentle readers, I'll offer you another: I LOVE being teased. I HATE being teased with no closure.

Elaine Fox's romance novel, Untamed Angel, made me offer up plenty of colorful phrases to my room walls for touching on pet peeve #13.

The frustrating part about this book was that it was good! I was into the characters, into the OTP, into the *gasp* plot. It was yay! And I read it uber fast because the teasing was awesome... or so I THOUGHT.

Teasing in a romance novel is only cool when you FOLLOW-THROUGH.

What gets me is that the whole POINT of romance novels is for the 'steamy sex scenes'. Sure, it's also about the two characters and their OTPness, but yeah, that's just the prelude to the sex. So, if you don't get that far in a romance book... what exactly are you writing? Because, seriously, I'm not quite sure what genre to put this book into at the moment.

Which brings me to a point I should probably make. I don't expect sex in books when there are OTPs coming about. I DO expect it in a romance novel. Fantasy or supernatural horror? (The other genres I read the most.) I'm completely fine with getting teased on the sex front as long as I'm not teased with whether an OTP gets together or not after the end of a one-shot or a series.

But the plot isn't focused there. In a romance novel, it's focused, dammit! FOCUSED. Grrrrrrr.

Sorry, Ms. Fox. You don't suck when it comes to style, characters, and plot. But you suck a LOT when it comes to follow-through. And that's a future reading of your novels deal-breaker.

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