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Attraction with scars and scruff. - GROWL — LiveJournal
Attraction with scars and scruff.
I saw Monday's episode of Heroes last night.

Hot damn... Future!Peter is SEXY.

*Holds her head down in shame at that* I mean, Normal!Peter is so... bleh. Seriously, sporkchan and I discuss how wonderful it would be if he died on a weekly basis. *Beat* Well, and Parkman's pregnant wife. Her, I hate most of all!

But seriously, Peter is so damn goody-goody that it drives me batty. And that's exactly what he wasn't in the won't-happen-now-future! Add some scruff, add a face scar, add some badass... yeah, I admit it, I swapped my opinion of him for the ep in order to purr in his direction.


And man, I wasn't expecting the chemistry with him and, umm, the girl he was macking with! Rawr zweimal! (Look at me be nice and not say names there, in case you watch the show, but hadn't seen the episode! ^_~)

I need to find a picture of Future!Peter so I can turn it into a scrumptious LJ icon! *Licks him*
Purr for me