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Bad movies abound! - GROWL — LiveJournal
Bad movies abound!
wondervixen and I rented movies tonight (a Friday night ritual) and they were TERRIBLE! We, not really meaning to, wound up with a Buffy actors theme by renting Rip It Off and They.

Okay, yeah, both waaaay sucked. However, Alyson Hannigan looked very hot in the first half of RIO all punked out! PLUS, Alexis as a somewhat bad-ass with a Russian accent wearing all black. Mmmm! *Pant* Yes, this movie has officially moved Mr. Alexis to #2 on my top ten list of hottest actors!

As for They, though Marc Blucas did have good hair (which actually made him somewhat attractive), when the film ended, wondervixen and I blinked, went silent for a moment, then I said, "... Umm... Three things." My main conclusion: there was no point.

So, we decided to create our own meaning for the movie: The film was about a race of non-pedophile demons/aliens that were just looking for love, companionship, and beer! Aww! Honestly, it made the movie much better after the change of POV. ^_^

On a side note... I need an icon of Wesley! Kriiiiiisten! ^_~

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