Kiska (ifritah) wrote,

Trilogy end! Yay, I get to read Butcher now! *Cheers*

I finished Sky Trillium by Julian May this morning.

By far, it was the best of the three novels. But, well, it still wasn't all that great. *Cough* The OTP romance was filled out more, with a happy ending, but I still felt a bit cheated on that front. And the rest of the plot... well, okay, there was this one plot point that I really enjoyed. I love people having to use their heads to escape from being imprisoned in some way. Call me weird.

Anyway, I'm glad I read May's two books after Black Trillium. Her books didn't make me spark, but they were far superior to the first. ... And that's really all I have to say on that.

White Night for me next! Eeee, I'm so excited!

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