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Knights, reality, and can I be done now?

I've decided not to write a script in 30 days for June. I just don't have the time. It was a lovely thought for the three hours I had it in my brain though.

Also, I finished White Knight by Jim Butcher yesterday. Gods, how I love Dresden! It's such a breath of fresh air. I don't like Elaine one bit, but that's 90% due to me thinking she's about to push Murphy and Harry away from the inevitable longer! (Though I did like Susan, so clearly there's more to the hate.)

Anyway, it's nice to be able to say I liked something I read. Partly, this is due to the fact that it gets tiresome to read book after book that doesn't elicit a positive response. I started getting a complex, you know? I mean, did I suddenly forget how to enjoy a book? Did writing start making me bitter? Turns out, at least I hope so, I just had a rough streak. Hey, it happens! (I chalk it down to my bad judgment of pretty covers.)

The other reason is because I read some of Jim Butcher's LJ yesterday. He had posted a whole bunch of negative reviews of his books and said that it caused him to have a problem with motivation. And, hey, not to think that any author would meander by, but I do put my book critiques on public so that others outside of my friends list can benefit from my bad calls!

But it's times like those that you realize that you had forgotten that authors are people. And, sure, there's been the occasional author that is so damn snobby and thinks they're gods gift that you WANT to tell them to their face that their books are crap, but really, authors are people. And maybe the only way to survive so much negative press is to become that way. Hell, when I feel attacked, I know I tend to try to shrug off it being any way my fault for the first bit.

Now, does this mean I'm going to stop writing critiques? No. Like anything else, if something doesn't smell like a rose, I'm not going to say it does. Am I going to friends-lock? Eh, I could, but that feels like I'm sheltering. Fact is, I may have noted the obvious of authors = people, but that doesn't make me not liking something and stating it public wrong.

Besides, everyone has crazy different tastes. I hated the movie Dark City, even though the rest of the world thought it was brilliant. If an author reads that I didn't like their book... well, what do you do? You shrug and move on. And if I have a big bone with it? Maybe learn something from the critique if it's valid to the author.

And there's my justification to myself for continuing to be a bitch with my critiques. *Nods sagely*

Okay, I'm off to pretend my job doesn't suck. *Waves*

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