Kiska (ifritah) wrote,

Sex or no sex?

Okay, I need some help choosing between my work books and my home books. As I've mentioned before, I don't like reading vivid sex scenes at work. Short little blurbs, eh, fine, but anything longer makes me uncomfortable. I mean, I'm in my car, you know? Weird.

So, I have a bunch of books on my 'to read' shelf. If you know the author definitely does or does not have the vivid sex scenes in the book, can you throw me a comment? That'd be peachy. ^_^

(Also, I have no idea on some of these if they're a part of a series or not)

The books are:

* Rachel Caine (Weather Warden series)
* Tanya Huff (Blood Price)
* Kelly Armstrong (Dime Store Magic)
* L.A. Banks (Vampire Hunters Legend series)
* Carrie Vaughn (Kitty series)
* Karen Chance (Touch the Dark)
* Katie MacAlister (Aisling Grey Guardian series)

I really need to start buying one-shotter books, I swear.

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