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*Glomp* - GROWL — LiveJournal
I finished reading Blue Moon by Lori Handeland last night.

I... I think I may love Ms. Handeland. You know, in a 21st century's ideas of platonic love sort of way.

In fact, I may love this book so much, that I might just have to review it on Hathor's book site! ... If I ever find the time!

The female main character, Jessie, (it's first person, so the main main character, really) is a cop. An average-looking, tom-boy, big-boned, butch-cut, sarcastic, cop. She doesn't have many friends, has never been in love (though she's had sex previously), and trust doesn't come easy.

Meet the love interest, Will. A growl-worthy professor who likes to protest enough to have a huge record. They've got the chemistry, but an issue of "why the hell is a hot guy wanting 'Average-Jane" comes up in a good way.

Despite the plot being pretty predictable (in a paranormal romance novel, I'm not going to wonder if the love interest killed X. The main character can worry all she wants, but I'm over here going, "Well, duh, it's this person and this person, so teaming up"), I love loved it!

And the ending was awesome! (Spoilers!) They both lose their jobs. Jessie is offered a werewolf hunting job, provided she loses her man. She declines, deciding she'd rather have Will. ... And then they both wind up getting jobs at the company and get to stay together. Both win! Yay!

Definitely grabbing the next book in this series. ^_^
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