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I love you celebmatch.com! - GROWL — LiveJournal
I love you celebmatch.com!
According to my bioenergy... or something (really just birthdays) celebmatch.com has concluded some fabulous things! Whoo!

My first three actors from my top five list, and four out of five of my top five actress list had high physical compatibilities. Mmm!

They mention physical, emotional, intellectual, and then a total. But, really, who the hell cares about the other categories? Pfft!

Okay, I'll list some of my scores, though to be honest, I'm really doing it for Chan's benefit ^_~

Top five hottest actors (for the moment)

1. Billy Zane (99% physical, 85% total)
2. Alexis Denisof (96% ph, 80% total)
3. Hugh Jackman (85% ph, 49% total)
4. Arnold Vosloo (33% ph, 61% total)
5. James Marsters (77% ph, 60% total)

Top five hottest actresses (for the moment)

1. Eliza Dushku (85% physical, 65% total)
2. Ali Larter (100% ph, 93% total)
3. Lucy Liu (99% ph, 78% total)
4. Bridgette Wilson (6% ph, 62% total)
5. Catherine Zeta-Jones (99% ph, 97% total)

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