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Let's get away from my bitching for a bit by talking about books! Yay!

First off, hats off to delfina for suggesting I read P.C. Cast's Divine by Mistake. It was a fun romp. ^_^

It did, however, do that usual down-cline mid-book that I've noticed in movies or books that begin so awesome that they can't even keep up with themselves. Office Space comes to mind as an example.

The main character was funny and likable. The peeps around her were pretty groovy. The plot starts getting in the way to the point where there were times I was bored (as I stated above), but the first half has me forgiving this.

Of course, then I had to read her sequel, Divine by Choice. It was... eh. Now, this one wasn't recommended to me or anything, but I couldn't help being disappointed.

Here were my issues (yes, there are spoilers here. RUN FAR FAR AWAY if you care):

* The main character (Shannon) learned she was pregnant in the first few chapters. Nothing turns me off a book faster than a woman expecting. (Even though I could appreciate her still being strong and powerful while pregnant, which was a good message.)

* Shannon is then flung out of her new world of being a goddess... and back to her hometown, where she meets her husband's mirror image... who she has some sex with later on down the road.

Because, you know, it's perfectly okay to cheat on your husband if it's him in another universe! Her goddess said it was okay! (Plus, he knew whe was pregnant with his mirror-images kid... Ew.)

* Shannon's evil mirror-image, Rhiannon, is noted to have officially gone from 'clinically messed up and needing therapy' to 'evil evil evil' once she's had an abortion. There are no words to how pissed off that made me.

* Shannon's husband is cooler. Nyah-nyah.

So, yeah, wasn't too impressed with this book.

Speaking of books that didn't hit the mark even close...

I also finished Crescent Moon by Lori Handeland... *Sigh* This book was so unbelievably bad that I had to force myself to read at least one chapter a night before I went to bed just so I could get it over with.

The plot was boring, the main character was not likable, her love interest made me want to smack him with a mallet every time he spoke with his 'Gambit accent', and of course... there was a kid that didn't have a mommy. And gee, wouldn't you know it, that main character instantly falls into that loving mommy role. *Grumbles*

I bought all of her books of this series at once, so I still have one book left to go... Uh, yeah, I'm taking a break from her for awhile. The current book I'm reading may be extremely silly and hokey, but it's in that relaxing sort of way instead of making you want to cry.

And I know she's not getting knocked up. I checked!

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