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Peeing complex!

So, last night was the second time I've strolled into the bathroom to pee... and the toilet overflowed. Last time was juuuust far enough away that I had stopped worrying about it as a possibility.

This time, at least, I darted over to turn the water off, which was a much better reaction than the first time of me running out of the bathroom and yelling for my fiance to do something.

Seriously, I'm starting to develop a complex here!

I don't suppose there's some special Toilet Drain-O out there that I don't know about that will magically fix this from ever happening again, is there?

And on a completely non-related topic (we hope): HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

I know I say this every year, but...

Please please PLEASE keep your cats indoors tonight. Especially if you have a black cat. But even if your kitty is lighter in color, it doesn't guarantee some sick bastard(s) won't do something awful.

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