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Who rips pages out of a fiction book?? Bastards!

I finished reading my work novel at lunch and went to grab my next one. Now, okay, yes, it was a big print, low page count book about Athena. But hey, I have 8 books I need to read before the end of the year to reach my goal of 50, so you can see I was a slight touch desperate worried.

But I can't read it now. Nope, some bastard (I assume kid bastard) ripped random pages out of it.

Yeah. So, I'm reading along and see the first ripped page. I frown, but decide that shit happens when you're given a book from a friend who stole it from someone else (I think that's what happened... it was so long ago that it was given to me...). So, as one who knows Greek mythology somewhat well, I got the gist of where they were going and continued on. Two pages later... another rip.

I frown again. Okay, this is becoming a pattern. So, I start paging through the book. Oh yeah, ripped out pages all over the place! AWFUL.

Not only am I horrified that someone decided to use this writing as their own personal phone book, but it's also very irritating that I now don't have a book to read for my last break of the day! UGH.

Granted, I could write on my break, but in my car that would be a bit difficult. And sure, there's the break room... the tiny, people constantly going in and out break room... so, yeah, I'm at a loss. *Sigh*

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