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Stupid mech anime.

coldfury will NOT stop insisting that I had something to do with Gravion being on our queue, despite it looking like something I would not willing watch. It's a mech show. If he didn't put it on there, then I was thoroughly drunk as a fish when I clicked it.

After one episode, I was very done. coldfury wanted to give it another ep. So, I grabbed out my Writer's Digest and let him have at it. He was officially done at the end of that one. So, in the mail it went with three episodes unwatched!

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around one thing though... So, in the first episode, the main character is talking about needing to find [insert name of girl I can't remember]. He describes this girl to a different PC as having "big breasts and tight thighs" while looking all lecherous and grabby.

... Next episode we discover that he's looking for his sister.

CF is always trying to blame me for all the incest anime that we accidentally rent (it's only been two... aside from this. *Beat* Though, one wasn't an accident. *Cough*). Well, I think we see why he was trying to shove this one at me, when it was so obviously his bad!

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