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Still angry, and now I'm focusing it HERE.

My mom loves to forward me stuff. Heh, I doubt she expected me to reply to her forward with a GRR of how I felt about it. ^^;

What a stupid spin on the Canadian system. I love how one example of a family that has found some money is able to supercede their system to get care means that the Canadian medical situation is evil for forcing them to go to the US.

Imagine how many people DON'T have the money to get the medical attention they require. They wouldn't go to the doctor at all in the US. But in Canada, even though they have to wait their turn, at least finally get one. How many poor people in the US have to suffer because they have no insurance, no money, and no government that gives a damn?

In this country, it's all about the upper and middle class. They get whatever they desire because they can afford it. Yes, it sure would be EVIL if we were to adopt a system that tries to help those that don't drive a Mercedes.

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