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Well, *now* how am I supposed to eat lunch in the living room?

I innocently went over to grab Marmalade Boy so I could pop it in for a lunch-time episode. AND A BASTARD JUMPING SPIDER HAS TAKEN OVER THE ENTERTAINMENT CENTER.

Seriously, those scare the SHIT out of me. Normal spiders? Eh, as long as it's not poisonous or a Daddy Long Legs (damn childhood trauma!) I'm fine. But jumping spiders can, well, JUMP. You know, AT YOU.

I tried to daringly find him as he climbed underneath some DVDs so I could figure out a way to grow a backbone and kill the creepy thing. But he jetted underneath the stereo and then to the backside of the entertainment center. So, he's somewhere in the living room... waiting for me to come back in so he can JUMP AT ME.

*Cries* I want my Marmalade Boy, damnit. ;_;

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