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Damnit, Janet, I love you! o/~

I officially love my soap opera.

Quick synopsis of a plot: Brad, Katie. Married. Brad finds out he knocked up a girl at prom in high school, but she didn't tell him. BAM, sudden teenage kid! And then mom comes to Oakdale. Her name is Janet.

A couple episodes ago, Brad yells out, "Damnit, Janet!"

And, of course, I giggled, because, hey, her name's Janet, and hey, movie reference!

It wasn't until just this minute that I realized that his name was Brad. I mean, he's been on the show so long that it just didn't register.

So, Brad and Janet are totally on As the World Turns!

Who wants to see transvestites show up on motorcycles randomly in outside scenes with them? I do, I do!

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