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Xena = Ultimate Mary Sue? YUP.

So, I'm watching the season finale of Xena season five... and there are no words.

NO WORDS for HOW CRAPPY CRAPPY CRAPPY this entire bullshit season was. I didn't think I could get anymore annoyed than in my last post, halfway through. Oh, the last episode put all the past episodes to shame! (So much, that I'm keeping this post public in the hopes that it will reach those innocents who have yet to watch this terrible atrocity.)

Okay, so Xena gets the power from THE God to kill all the gods of Olympus. Not that she gets any buffer, but that she simply has the ability to kill them. (Apparently, this also includes giving her the power to kill them simply by watching them get smushed by heavy things... seriously, were the writers just tired by this point?)

So, four gods are attacking her at once... and Xena is so damn mortal awesome that she can HOLD THEM ALL OFF and even kill most of them to boot. Later on, this includes being able to grab Artemis' arrows out of the air (I'm sorry, it wouldn't be as easy as if it came from a different archer) and then THROWS THEM BACK AT HER AND KILLS HER.

What, she wouldn't duck? She wouldn't phase out and back in? GIVE ME SOMETHING, WRITERS. The actress looked like a scared little girl instead of a fucking hunting goddess.

And this isn't even getting into even more Christianity being shoved in my face. *Sigh* What message is my supposed greek mythology show trying to give me? That the only god who believes in love is the one in heaven? ... Uh, no.

I'm honestly puzzled how another season of this crap was approved. Is it just 26 episodes of how much God loves and how those that looooove back and are the only people who understand "The Way?" Because I think I'd rather go back to being blind if that's the case. And please, feel free to make me deaf as well if that's going to be shoved into my DVD player.

And like I've said before. I'm not a Christian hater. Believe in God? Yay for you! As long as you don't try to take my rights away due to your beliefs, we're just fine with each other. But this is such a violation of trust that I am truly disgusted. (I particularly looooooved the Jesus Fish in the background as they're talking to the Followers of Eli.)

So... anyone know how much Hastings will give me if I sell them back this trash for in-store credit?

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