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Well, that was disturbing...

So, I was typing along innocently at my computer, just about to shut it off for the night...

When a spider rushes toward me, hops down onto my keyboard, and then CLIMBS INTO IT.

I didn't have a can of air, and it's not like I could just open it up... So, I did what any practical person would do.

I pounded the shit out of the keyboard keys, in hopes that it would squish the living crap out of it!

About thirty seconds later, coldfury calls out, "Oooh, it's coming out!"

I jet my eyes to the keyboard, but the bastard rushes back in before I can see him taunt me.

Finally, after some continuous hits of the F keys from CF and my fist held up in anticipation (with a tissue), the spider rushed out of the keyboard once again.

I may have missed him with my first blow, but I found MUCH satisfaction in squishing his ass when he tried to run away across the carpet.


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