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I could edit last night's post or just comment anew... - GROWL — LiveJournal
I could edit last night's post or just comment anew...
Act III of Dr. Horrible came out...

Well, at least I loved Act I and II.

After reading a bunch of comments about how furious peeps were about Penny dying because she deserved to give both men the finger and leave... got me to blink. All this talk about how awful Dr. Horrible was for stalking! Bwah! Maybe I need to turn in my feminist card or something.

The entire time I was routing for Dr. Horrible to get the girl! (Okay, and maybe I was hoping that she would be that influence that got him to change the world the non-criminal way and take over Captain Hammer's job... that would've been awesome.)

And in my mind, he was only following Penny around when she was on dates with Captain Jackass. Or, you know, was at the laundry mat when she was. It just didn't seem offensive to me...

I do agree that it's tired how often women get killed in comic book type entertainment so that plot can move forward. Grr.

Anyway, I was severely disappointed in the ending, but Act I and II were so damn good that I'll likely buy the DVD despite it.

*Sigh* I just wish Joss didn't fall into his usual patterns when it comes to endings. (Well, aside from his Hollywood films, anyway.)

o/~ With my freeze ray I will stop... Act III. o/~

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