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Soul Calibur IV... not as good as III... by a lot.

So, I admit, I'm not a good loser when I'm repeatedly smacked down in fighting games. Sure, fine, kill me here and there; heck, kill me more than I kill you... but if it's just constant beat down after constant beat down, I start to get pissed.

Right now, I'm pissed. And no, not at coldfury... even though I did have to leave the living room so I didn't punch him in the face.

I'm pissed at what the game designers did to Ivy.

No, I'm not talking about her HUGE breasts that she's suddenly found herself having. (Though don't get me started on that or else this post will be twice as long.)

I'm talking about them completely nerfing Ivy!


My favorite moves in the game are now insanely difficult to get to work properly. And hell, even when you're 95% sure you pushed the right buttons, it doesn't happen half the time. Which, I'm guessing, is due to her not being in the right weapon state. (Which, btw, the game doesn't tell you what buttons to push to swap from sword to whip state. WTF?)

Now, granted, I suck at the X-Box controls. I'm a Playstation girl. Give me a Playstation controller and I can figure a game out. The X-box controller is just... too busy.

But seriously, game designers. WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY IVY CONTROLS, YOU BASTARDS? *Stab stab*


Yoda is a fucking twink and I want him to die in a fire. *Stabbity stab stab*

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