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Yay Money!

So, went to Jackpot with Kristen where I gambled for one, yes *one* hour. We rode, we ate lots of sweets and bad scrambled eggs, gambled, looked in a gift shop, and hit the car for the road back. Time in Jackpot: 3 hours

And it ROCKED! I was at the blackjack tables for the hour, and made $120!!! Yup, and if we would have stayed longer, I most likely would've went crazy with my winnings and gave it back. So yay, thanks Kristen! ^_^

I must say that winning at the tables always gives me a feeling of satisfaction... I mean, obviously, whenever I win money I get satisfaction, but it's more so. I suppose because it took skill to win instead of sticking some coins in a slot machine and pushing a button.

So whoo for money! I can get my hair highlighted! WHOO!


Oh, and here's the most memorable line of the day:

Cashier guy as I'm cashing out:

*Pause, then shakes head* "Sorry. I'm really NOT staring at your breasts!"

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