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Who needs to study when you can take questionarre's!

Stole this questionarre from Jessica. Thanks for the procrastination! ^_^

(1) What is your name? Summer

(2) Are you happy with it? At times. When I was younger and people were stupid and juvenile, no. But now I only have to deal with the occasional, “have a good summer, Summer *laugh*” or “Hey Winter!” or whirling around thinking I heard my name, but it was just someone talking about the season… Okay, you know what? My name really does kinda suck.

(3) Are you named after anyone? My sister’s doll.

(4) Are you a prostitute? Well, I have a pimp…

(5) Your screenname: Ifritah

(6) Would you name a child of yours after you? As long as it's not mine.

(7) Then what would you name your children? Children are evil and will suck all of your resources dry, ruin your marriage, and make you completely miserable. In other words… I don’t know, Gates Elizabeth?

(8)If you were born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name be? My sister didn’t have any male dolls besides Barbie-boyfriend ones, so I might have been named Ken. That, would have have sucked.

(9) If you could switch names with a friend,who would that be? Hmm... Chantel! I steal yours! Mwahahahahaha!

(10) Are there any mispronunciations/typos that people do with your name constantly? Not with my first name. My last name is constantly butchered.

(11) Would you drop your last name if you became famous? Nope, if I’m not willing to give it up when I get married, I won’t give it up for fame. Well, unless it’s because I’m in a porno…

- - - - -
- - - - -

(12) Your gender: female

(13) Straight/gay/bi? Straight, but I can appreciate the female form, plus they smell nicer.

(14) Single? Engaged.

(15) Want to be? Single? Not really. Engaged? Uh, yeah, kinda why I said yes.

(16) Your birth date: April 25, 1980

(17) Day of week born: *Shrug*

(18) Age you act: 65

(19) Age you wish you were: *Sob* I want to be 22 again!

(20) Your height: 5’8 ½"

(21) The color of your eyes: Blue

(22) Happy with it? Oh yes, one of my favorite feautures.

(23) The color of your hair: Honey blonde.

(24) Happy with it? When I get my blonde highlights, I’ll be just peachy.

(25) Left/right/ambidextrous? Right.

(26) Your living arrangement? Dormroom

(27) Your family: Boise, ID

(28) Have any pets? … Okay, now I’m all depressed! Thanks a lot, stupid questionarre!!

(29) What's your job: Undergraduate student

(30) Piercings? Tongue and ears

(31) Tattoos? Want the taurus symbol on my right upper-back, but it will most likely never happen.

(32) Obsessions? I have OCD, so yeah. But, if we’re talking more general, then sex and buffy.

(33) Addictions? I have the most unaddictive personality ever.

(35) Do you speak another language? I can talk to 2nd grade German kids.

(36) Have a favorite quote? “Real friends stab you in the front.” - Oscar Wilde

(37) Do you have a web page? Yup. It’s posted on my user info page. It really needs improvement since I just did it for a class grade, and didn’t put much effort into it, but eh, it’s there.


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