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Useless talent meme!

That's right! I'm making up a meme! Mwahahahahaha! Umm... I can do that, right?

*Cough* Right, anyway. So! My meme! Okay, everyone has a talent that is completely useless (aka, will not get you a job). Remember the putting on lipstick using your cleavage from The Breakfast Club? Yeah, that's an example. Well, everyone has a talent like that! Uh-huh!

So, right. How is this a meme? Well, I want you to name said talent and figure out three jobs that you don't plan on having any future with (or have had any past with) that the talent could help with! So, here's mine:

I can purr like a cat. Yup. JUST like one. Which, really, can't do much for me. EXCEPT, I could be...

3) A voice for a cartoon. I can do accents and other voices too! So... That may work.
2) A radio-show voice. You remember when they used to have stories on the radio before TV? Yeah! I could do that! I could have a murder mystery thingy! And... There'd be a cat! Purring! Yeah!
1) A stripper. Imagine the tips! I could climb on guys' laps and purr, then saunter away in my 9-inch heels.

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