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Yet another dream...

Well, at least I wasn't trapped in this one...

So, Tom and I lived in the same dorms... Actually just across the hall from each other. He winds up cheating on me with some ho named... Jen? Something like that. Anyway, so I did something in revenge so that he wouldn't even talk to me... but I can't remember what it was... Which is highly annoying, because come on, that has to have been the best part of the dream!

After a time, I'm picking out clothes for some party with some theme (wow, I should really write my dreams down before I get up) and I hear Tom's voice coming through the door saying that Jen (?) was going to hurt/kill me. Right then I come across a red silk shirt in my closet. Since I don't dream in color, colors are quite significant in my dreams.

So, here's what the color red symbolizes in the dream dictionary:

Passion, anger, strength, health, vigor, sexual love, danger, charity

Not really helpful at all, I know. But I do find it interesting that not only did Tom cheat on me in a dream (which is pretty normal) but someone was going to try to kill me (also something pretty normal). Yet, I've never had them at the same time before... Weird.

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