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Hairy legs and cold weather: A theory

*Library discussion after talking about male facial hair, and how men should shave if have more than scruff (because scruff is sexy) but less than a full beard/go-tee, because it's really not attractive*

Me: Well, I guess I'm kind of a hypocrite then, because I hardly ever shave my legs.

Co-worker: You don't??

Me: *Shrug* I never wear shorts, and besides, it's cold outside! See, that's why women are always colder than men in the winter, because they have leg hair to keep them warm!

Co-worker: *Looks over at a table with two guys looking at us and laughing at our convo, then back at me and laughs*

Me: *Looks at them, then back at her and laugh* Well, it's TRUE! I hold no shame here.

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