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A warm and fuzzy feeling

miggy and I were talking, and it reminded me of something hilarious that happened over Thanksgiving. So, I must share:

We're at Tom's parents' house, playing Pictionary with Tom, myself, my mom, Tom's very Mormon parents, Tom's two sisters and one brother, and some random person. It's Tom's brother's turn to draw, and his word is muff.

He doesn't know what it is. So, he shows the card to his mom, and she mentions to everyone else what the word is. Tom and I give each other a look of amusement, but keep silent.

That is, until Tom's mom gives her definition of muff: "A round, fuzzy thing you put your hands in."

Yeah... Tom and I lost it, our faces turning bright red from laughing so hard.

Everyone else was completely puzzled as to what we found so funny.

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