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What is up with sex and libraries?

Last year, when all the perverts came here to use our computers to look up porn, who did they wind up getting help from? Me. (No, they didn't tell me that's what they planned to use the computers for.)

When my bosses found out what they were looking at, who had to investigate so that I could identify them? Me.

Granted, there was another guy that caressed some chicks foot, and I wasn't working that day, so yay for not dealing with that, but still, the library seems to be where the perverts congregate.

So, today, it shouldn't have shocked one of my bosses when she talked with me:

Boss: Summer, I have an assignment for you.

Me: *Nod* Okay, what's up?

Boss: There's two people downstairs on the couch making out in a serious way. I want you to go break it up.

Me: ... Ew. I'm so never sitting on those couches again. *Stand up* Okay. *Start away from the desk*

Boss: ... *Laughs* No, Summer, come back. You don't have to go.

Me: *Blink* Oh, okay. *Come back to the desk*

Boss: You were actually going to go down there weren't you?

Me: *Shrug* I used to work at a movie theatre. This is really nothing new.

So, what are my co-worker and I thinking now? Why, how to mess with them, of course! Hmm, start on paper, or "innocently" turn off the lights in the CRC room, and listen to their reactions. Hmm, decisions decisions.

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