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Told you kids are evil

Dillon (my 6-year-old nephew) and I are looking at a stuffed animal turtle that looks kinda creepy...

Dillon: *Stage whispers to me* Summer, that turtle is kinda creepy.

Me: *Stage whisper back with a nod* I think it's the eyes.

Dillon: *No longer whispering* Yeah! The eyes make it all creepy! *Whispers once more* You know what I think I should do to fix it?

Me: What's that?

Dillon: *In a creepy kid voice, but normal tone* I should grab its eyeballs, and cut them off! *Makes hand motions and sound effects of doing just that*

Me: *Look of horror on my face* Umm... Honey, we don't cut out animal's eyes... Or people's for that matter.

I'm with you miggy! What is up with people's obsession with taking out people's eyeballs!?

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