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Christmas loot

Christmas was yummy. I got lots of wonderful presents (and a few that made me raise my eyebrow in a WTF? way), and I didn't even mind the Elvis Christmas music playing in the background. I did, however, eat way too much, and am paying for that today (I'm still in denial about going to work in 40 minutes).

Anyway, I got a whole bunch of DVDs!! Yay! In fact, besides a beautiful silky Victoria's Secret robe, some black/leopard print slippers, a couple gift certificates, a cute pluffy duck, and an assault pillow, everything else WAS DVDs. Mmmm. I got:

The Lion King
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Angel: Season 2
Buffy: Season 5
Btvs: Chaos Bleeds (okay, that's a PS2 game, but it's *technically* a DVD)

I'm so spoiled ^_^

On a side-note: April and/or Kristin - I don't know how to get ahold of EITHER of you (I have no idea where your cell number is Kristin). I want to see you guys! I have presents!

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