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Mmm. Day off

I had a nice, cozy day today. miggy and I brought havoc to some of her Sims, watched some Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and then ate at Johnny Corinno's (very yummy Italian food).

Afterwards, we met up with moisha to see Love Actually (though I wish I could have seen more of moisha *sniff*). The movie was good, but in the once-was-enough category. Damn Toe-Christmas song won't get out of my head though... Grr.

Went home and watched What a Girl Wants with my mom. I loved the movie! I'm so glad that I panicked and grabbed it in the video store five minutes before they closed.

Apparently we were supposed to game tonight in ApocNowish though... Oops. ^^; Well, considering that I was hanging with the GM, I doubt I'm in trouble for my absence.

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