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I really need to get out more... - GROWL — LiveJournal
I really need to get out more...
I was walking to the Sub after class, and scared this cute, pudgy squirrel half to death. It flung itself from a part of the building it was sitting on onto a nearby tree. I continued to walk, and it decided I was still too close, and torpedoed itself to the next tree... and failed. Well, not COMPLETELY failed. It hung on to the tip of a tree branch with it's adorable little paws for dear life, attempting for several seconds to get itself onto the branch.

It was just too cute! Well, you know, until I heard my internal thought process...

Summer thoughts: Aww, that's so cuuuuuute. *Pause* You know, my vampire character just devoured one of these for a blood point the other day. I guess that squirrel botched its dexterity + acrobatics roll! *Beat* I really do role-play entirely too much.

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