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I'm starting to worry

I slept for ten hours last night. I woke up at 2 p.m. and wanted to go back to sleep. Luckily, my curiosity is very strong, and so I checked my watch. My eyes bugged, and I jumped out of bed. Well... more of sleepily stumbled out of it.

After that my day has been felt through a daze. I took a quick shower (well, quick for me) and put my laundry in, all while my mind was somewhere that's nowhere near here.

I suppose I became really worried when I snapped out of my reverie and found myself watching Full House. I don't know what's up with me, but I have an inkling that it has something to do with never going out any more. The most outside action this chickie has seen in a long time is taking hour walks with gailadora.

On a positive note, there's a good chance miggy will be saving me from the mundane next Saturday for a downtown girls day.

... And the amount of time that this LJ post has taken me to write also frightens me. Amount of times that I dazed off and noted that I had just been staring at the screen: Approximately 5.

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