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This should prove amusing

I'm taking my mom to sex class today. One of the drama students is coming in to perform "The Penis Monologues".

Now, those of you who know my mom can understand how amusing this will be. I Can't wait to see the expressions on her face! That, combined with the possibility that John might have a field day with questions for her (if time permits) gives today a sense of unpredictability.

On a side-note, I actually have been doing homework in the last 24 hours! Granted, it's been slow-going, but I've been doing pretty good with the interview questions that I'll be asking my female friends, and any other females that will give me their time. I need women of all ages! This may be a bit tough...

But hey, if any of you chickies reading this want to be asked questions about female orgasms, masturbation, and other fun subjects, please let me know!

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