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Knew it was too good to last

Had my first nightmare after about 3 weeks. I've been quite confused of where they had wandered off to, but I wasn't missing them.

And now they're back. Though, granted, the main theme that seems to follow my nightmares wasn't present (that is, Tom wasn't cheating on me, nor were any of my friends or family attempting to kill me).

No, this time my subconscious decided to be original. About five bees were chasing me. I ran for a reasonable amount of time, but they caught up. A friend of mine yelled out that I needed to stay completely still or else they'd sting me, and then I'd die (so, yeah, death threats in my dreams ever-present). So, I stayed completely still as each bee landed on different parts of my body. Naturally, I had on a shirt that revealed my abdomen and lower back. About three of them chose that as their spot, and began to walk along my stomach, my back, while the others chose my exposed arms for their exploration.

Deeply disturbing. I woke up still able to feel their fuzzy bodies walking over me. *Shudder*

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