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All women, listen up!

Okay! This is my official invitation to all those women out there, young or old, pre-orgasmic or multiple, to participate in my female orgasms interview study! All are welcome!

As many know, I am involved in an undergraduate honors project concerning female orgasms. My data will be published (well, one copy) and held on reserve in the school's library, as well as, written in a smaller paper for a Sociology Seminar I am currently in.

To get an idea of what this will entail, I plan to give a short survey that will get your background information (Age, location, etc.), and then an interview with questions such as "what are your impressions on female orgasms", and so on. NO names will be given when I publish, or I will make one up for you if needed. Thus, complete anonymity will be in full force. Also, if any question makes you uncomfortable, you do not have to answer, either stopping the interview altogether, or skipping to the next.

The interview will take approximately 30-45 minutes. However, since I've never done interviews online before, I may be incorrect, and will notify participants if that is the case. I would like to conduct the interviews in a private chat-room so that I can ask questions based off of some of your answers. As of yet, I haven't chosen where, but I plan to investigate that this week.

If you are interested, or if you know of someone (women, please) that would be, please email me at Also, if you'd like to advertise this on your friends list, I wouldn't be opposed.

I will be setting up interviews for next week, and from there, whenever it is convenient for those interested.

Thanks! ^_^
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