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What is up with zombies lately?

Saw Dawn of the Dead tonight. It was decent, if not a bit (okay, a lot) silly. But there were many explosions, plenty of blood and gore, and lots and lots of guns shooting things! There were even chainsaws!! Yes, I was happy.

My one problem, though? The zombies were uber fast! I mean, SERIOUSLY, they're DEAD. How fast would YOU run if you the walking dead?

That was one of my big problems with House of the Dead. SLOW, damnit! They're supposed to be SLOW. The whole reason (to me) why zombies are freaky (well, besides being dead and walking about all icky) is that there's so many of them. So, even though they're extremely slow, they can still get to you by sheer number.

So, hats off to Resident Evil, Night of the Living Dead, Night of the Creeps, and other fabulous "slow" zombie movies!

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